Little Free Library Update: Spooky Edition

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to decorate our Little Free Library for Halloween. The idea of putting themed holiday books in the LFL struck me a while ago, and then I decided I wanted to do one better and also decorate it. Enter–some fake cobwebs and little spider rings.

We don’t have many holiday decorations, since my husband is a bit of a general grinch about seasonal decor, and I still have the amount that was appropriate back when I was living in small studio apartments. So, it was fun to realize I could pretty easily use the LFL as a space to add some holiday vibes to our yard.

I dressed the LFL up and am pretty pleased with the result! Then, I popped in some witchy books I read last year.

The library is pretty full right now, as people have been using it to drop off a number of books. I’m dubious if anyone will ever take some of them, as they’re all pretty old, but to each their own!

Shortly after I dressed up the library, I noticed someone stopping by to peruse. I always love seeing people engaging with the library, especially when I’ve recently done a new book drop.

Do you enjoy decorating your living space for different holidays?


Your Book Friend IRL: Our Little Free Library Update!

Happy Tuesday, book friends! Just a quick announcement post today because I am so excited to finally be able to say that the Little Free Library we started working on back in December is finally up and ready to serve books to our neighborhood.

I’m still waiting on the custom decals I ordered to finish up the library’s decor, and Mr. Your Book Friend needs to make some adjustments to stabilize some wobbly pole issues, but the library is painted and planted out front with the first set of books stocked.

In the coming days, it should make its way onto the Little Free Library World Map once my request is approved. I’m so excited to learn more about being a Little Free Library steward and share books with our neighborhood.

If you have a LFL or know someone who does, I’d love to hear your tips and tricks! Look out for more updates as I navigate the LFL world and post book restocks on Instagram.