Thank You For Being a (Book) Friend

Different couch, same cuddle pup

Happy Thursday, book friends! Just a short and sweet post from me today as I’m busy cooking Thanksgiving food with my family. This holiday is all about being thankful and showing gratitude, and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for being my book friends.

When I re-launched my book blog last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My old blog never had too much of a following, and I didn’t know how many people were still out there blogging about books. It’s been such a pleasure connecting with other book lovers and getting to know so many fellow book bloggers.

Thank you for making this little bookish corner of the internet so great! Happy Thanksgiving to my book friends who celebrate and a happy regular old Thursday to those who don’t.

Now, I’m off to finish up these sourdough rolls!

Celebrating Love in Virginia

Happy Sunday, book friends! Yesterday, I had the honor of giving a reading during my childhood best friend’s wedding.

Mr. Your Book Friend and I at the wedding

The reading was pretty familiar, because it’s the same selection from Mindy Kaling’s memoir that I asked a friend to read at my own wedding back in April. The essay is called “Married People Need to Step it Up” and it’s from Mindy’s first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and Other Concerns.

I adore Kaling’s work, and this essay works so well for weddings because it’s all about the small joys of marriage, and how it doesn’t always need to be work. It’s a life you build with one of your best friends.

I often refer to this friend as “my OG book friend” because we loved to read the same books and make up elaborate make believe stories based on them. Basically, acting out fan fiction. We would do this for hours.

I can hardly believe those overly imaginative kiddos both got married this year! She was my maid of honor back in May, and yesterday, I got to be hers.

Short post today to keep up my Blogtober streak, as my husband and I drive home from celebrating Nicki and Jasmine.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!