The Opposite of Book Mail Monday

This weekend, I had quite the task in front of me. My husband and I are starting to pack for our upcoming move to the new house, and for me, that means reckoning with my packrat tendencies. I like things and I always wind up accumulating far more of them than I truly want or need.

In addition to the clothes and random items from subscription boxes, I have amassed a truly staggering amount of books over the years we’ve lived here. I’ve written before about how I’ve started to feel overwhelmed by just how many unread books I had sitting around, but I also have a huge number of books that I have read over the years.

Saturday morning, I sat down and had a good hard look at my shelves to see which books felt worth boxing up and moving to the new house. I will always love having books around, but that doesn’t mean I need to keep every book I read.

I decided to hang on to favorite reads and get rid of those books that I just liked okay, or which were fun reads but not things I can imagine myself revisiting or being particularly happy to have around the house.

I didn’t count the number of books I ended up getting rid of, but I did fill two medium-sized moving boxes worth. I got rid of some books from my MFA days that I knew I wouldn’t reference again, as well as plenty of books I read and liked, but didn’t love. There are still many, many books that will come with us to the new house, but it feels good to make a bit of space on the shelves for future favorites.

The books went to Half Price Books, where we got a bit of money for them and where they will be able to find new readers to enjoy them. I even managed not to buy anything while I was browsing and waiting for the offer, which is a true accomplishment in my opinion.

In a little under a month, I’ll be able to share the shelves in our new log cabin home. I’m very excited to settle in and do some bookshelf reorganizing. But first, much more packing to come.

How do you manage your book collection? Or have you made the switch to mostly digital books?