Your Book Friend’s 2022 Holiday Shopping Guide

This year, I’m trying something new here at Your Book Friend. Gift guides are incredibly popular this time of year, and I see so many wonderful book lovers putting together lists of bookish goodies and books to gift. How could I possibly miss out on the fun? 

I’m trying my hand at some gifting recommendations for your holiday (or any time) shopping pleasure. Gift them to a friend, family, or yourself — no judgement. Broken down by category, with a few suggestions for each, we hope there’s a little something here for (mostly) every book person in your life. 

(Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for and Passion Planner, which earn me a small commission if you choose to purchase. Book of the Month and Authentic Books links are referral codes.) 

For the Romance Lover 

Here at YBF, we rock a lot of romance. These titles are our recent faves. 

Cover image from Goodreads
  • Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan. The story of a divorced screenwriter who lives her life under a strict routine, until her screenplay about the end of her marriage gets made into a movie and her life gets turned upside down. Strong female protagonist who’s also a single mother, with a love interest who’s an actor looking for a quieter life. 
Cover image from
  • Lucy On the Wild Side by Kerry Rea. Lucy wants to be promoted to senior keeper at the Columbus Zoo. But first, she has to learn to live with the cameras as a popular show films her work with the gorillas. Oh, and she just might fall in love and learn a little bit about herself in the process. 

For the Home Cook 

Learn to bake sourdough or throw together some vegan eats. 

Cover image from

Flour Power: The Practice and Pursuit of Sourdough Bread by Tara Jensen. If you know someone who’s into sourdough, or who wants to be, this is the ultimate guide for getting started and/or taking it to the next level. 

Cover image from

Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking by Dana Shultz. One of the first cookbooks I bought after college, this collection of plant-forward recipes is still one of my go-tos. A great variety of vegan recipes that are mostly gluten free and come together relatively quickly, without too many dishes.

For the One Who Already Has all the Books 

Their shelves are full to bursting and they probably already have that book you want to recommend. Try these book-adjacent gifts instead. 

Image property of Frostbeard Studios, fro their website

A bookish candle from Frostbeard Studios. Every year around the holidays, I have to grab a Christmas at the Burrow candle from this shop. Their scents are all inspired by books.

Image property of Quirky Cup Collective, from their website

Book journals from Quirky Cup Collective or Little Inklings Designs. These are both beautifully designed from small businesses, and are a wonderful way to keep a record of your reading life. I love seeing videos of people using them on Instagram, even I have personally failed out of book journaling attempts several times. 

For the Neighborhood Witch 

For the friend who always insists you do X or Y because of your star sign, these books might hit the spot. 

Cover image from

Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova. Whether you’re just starting to learn how to read Tarot or are looking for a refresher, this book is a great overview of the cards and how to read them. 

Cover image from

Your Spiritual Almanac by Joey Hulin. A guide to living with the seasons. Each month includes different practices for movement, meditation, reflection, and seasonal foods to nourish you. 

For Your Planner-Obsessed Friend 

Planners are pretty personal so you may not want to go out on a limb and get them an actual planner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop for some accessories.

Image property of Chelsea Brown Designs, from their Etsy shop product listings

Planner stickers from Chelsea Brown Designs. I love these stickers. I have changed the planner size I use twice now just to make sure I can still use these to beautify my planner. Is there higher praise than that? I think not. Special shoutout to this book lover layout pictured above, which is perfect for that bookish planner fan. 

Image property of Passion Planner, from their website

Planner markers, stickers, and more from Passion Planner. Personally, I’m team #PashFam, and I love grabbing their sticker books and highlighters to beautify my planner experience. As an ambassador, I do have a discount code to throw your way —use code AMANDAO876 to save 10%. 

For the Friend Who Just Really Likes Mail

Subscription boxes, anyone? Here are a few book boxes to consider (I subscribe to both, so I know what I’m talking about). 

Photo by Amanda Kay Oaks, featuring Book of the Month and Authentic Books boxes 

Book of the Month subscription. Just the book, without the frills. Your friend gets to pick the book they want each month and it’ll be delivered right to their door in the iconic blue box you keep seeing on Instagram. 

Authentic Books single box or subscription. This box is more of an experience, with hand-picked items to accompany the book and engage your senses. A candle, some tea or coffee, soap or lotion, and a custom playlist for the book are all standard items that often appear in these boxes. 

Could I go on? Almost certainly. There are so many great books and bookish gifts out there to give to yourself or a loved one. Hopefully this gives you a great start on making your list and checking it twice! 

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