A Bookish Honeymoon Recap

The best part of packing for any trip is, for me, deciding which books to bring. Even though I know a trip with my endlessly-on-the-go husband will mean more hiking, biking, and exploring than reading, I nevertheless bring enough books to keep me busy for approximately two to three weeks. 

Our honeymoon was no different. I packed my Book of the Month tote with no fewer than five books, plus my Kindle. Then I snagged a few more when we visited some independent bookstores in Burlington. Naturally, I only finished one book while on the trip, but I regret nothing.

Though I already shared most of them to Bookstagram, I wanted to briefly highlight some of the fun spots where I got to sit and read with my husband (still feels very weird to say that) while we enjoyed the post-wedding relaxation of our honeymoon.

This image is from our first night at the Lake Placid Lodge, the “fancy” leg of our trip. We lit a fire in our room and made some s’mores while reading by the fire. This is definitely top tier reading time for me, and I’m a big fan of any place that provides a s’mores kit alongside fire-making supplies. I finished Sari, Not Sari (review here) and then started Early Morning Riser in this spot.

This photo was also taken at the lodge, on the screened-in porch beside yet another fire. There were little rings of chairs by the fire, complete with blankets to cuddle up with, so we spent a bit of time there before dinner at the lodge restaurant. There was a gorgeous lake view and the option to make more s’mores, though I skipped that so as to have plenty of room for our splurge dinner that night.

Our final reading location of the trip is by the lake in Burlington, VT, our second leg of the journey. We stayed in an AirBnb right in the middle of the city, walkable to several restaurants, shops, and bookstores not to mention this lakefront park. We set up the hammock (okay, I watched Andy set it up) and spent a good few hours reading and relaxing before we went off in search of some rental bikes to explore the bike path.

While in Burlington we also stopped by two bookstores, Crow Books and Pheonix Books, where Andy and I both snagged some new titles. He needed a new book to read. I didn’t, but when has that ever stopped me?

In all, a pretty solid trip with just enough time spent reading in interesting places. It still feels incredibly surreal that the wedding actually happened, but I’m very glad we chose to go on our honeymoon right away so we could relax after it was over and done with.