Book Mail Monday: NetGalley Edition

Happy Monday, book friends! This week, I haven’t received any new books in the mail. However, I finally got my NetGalley feedback ratio up to 70%! This is incredibly exciting because, when I took my hiatus from being a book person on the internet, I left lingering titles that dropped my ratio to around 56%.

Since I re-launched my blog and got back on NetGalley, I’ve been working to intentionally build that ratio back up. NetGalley recommends an 80% ratio, though I don’t think I know anyone who’s achieved those numbers. I’m excited to be closer to this target.

In celebration, I decided to go highlight the latest edition to my NetGalley shelves! I’ve been really intentional and careful about requesting new titles in my quest for a better feedback ratio, so it’s extra exciting when I do request something new and get approved.

The latest addition to my NetGalley shelves is…

Just My Type by Fallon Ballard

Ballard’s Lease on Love was quite popular last year and is one of the books up on my TBR cart. I couldn’t resist requesting this new one and was really thrilled to be approved! Here’s what it’s about:

To win the job of her dreams, a relationship-prone journalist needs to learn how to stay single in this heartwarming and hilarious new romantic comedy from the beloved author of Lease on Love.

Lana Parker has never been single for long. After a disastrous break-up with her high school boyfriend, Seth Carson, Lana’s bounced from long-term relationship to long-term relationship. She’s an expert girlfriend, even acting as the resident dating and relationship columnist for one of Los Angeles’s trendiest websites. But now, at the age of thirty, Lana suddenly finds herself single again, and she’s determined to stay that way, no matter how challenging.

That is, until her high school ex, Seth, now a journalist in his own right, takes an assignment at Lana’s site. Ready to put down roots after years of traveling and freelancing, Seth becomes not only Lana’s colleague but also her competitor. With their combative relationship history—and undeniable chemistry—they quickly find themselves pitted against each other in a battle of wits: writing an article series that goes against dating type. For Lana, that means writing about staying single and embracing it. For Seth, it’s learning to settle down and become boyfriend material. Whoever’s is most popular wins a highly coveted columnist spot that either could only dream of. But when the two square off against one another, it’s not only their careers on the line—it’s also their hearts.

–NetGalley synopsis

Even though I don’t generally enjoy second chance romances, I couldn’t resist the journalism rivalry hook of this one. It comes out on February 7th, 2023 and is the first 2023 release on my digital shelves. What do you think, book friends? Would you read this one?