Furbaby Friday 6/9/2023

Happy Friday, book friends! I am completely exhausted today, because I spent last night in line for a book signing with David Sedaris. The reading was sold out within 2 minutes, but thankfully we did end up getting invited inside (standing room only) so we got to hear him read. Then we spent three hours in line.

I haven’t been up that late in ages. I’m awkward when fully awake and caffeinated, so by the time I made my way up to the signing table I was ready to have a fully uncomfortable interaction with the writer, which I did. He signed my book and doodled on it (inexplicably, he drew a single boob), so mission accomplished (I think?).

Azula was very excited and confused when I got home past midnight and came downstairs to cautiously investigate if I was an intruder. We slept in until after 6:30am today, and I suspect there’s a nap in my future as well since I don’t do very well with missing my bedtime.

Azula and Mr. Your Book Friend looking out for groundhogs from my office window

Today, we drive out to Cincinnati for the weekend for my grandma’s birthday. I’m sure Azula will be thrilled to see her Ohio grandparents and great grandma.

That’s about all I’ve got in me in terms of updates from the week since I’m still hoping the coffee will be powerful enough to revive me.

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Hope you’ve had a good week, and a great weekend ahead!


Furbaby Friday 6/2/2023

Happiest of Fridays, book friends! This week has been hot hot hot here in PA, and my allergies have been an absolute nightmare, so outside time has been pretty limited.

Limited, but not nonexistant because we have a cattle dog. A cattle dog whose birthday is in two days! Azula will be three years old on June 4th. Oh how time flies.

Speaking of our crazy pooch, she spent Monday absoutely worn out from playing with friends on Sunday, and it was glorious. There’s nothing like having a super high energy pup who actually spends the day being chill for once. Of course, by the evening she was whining at us to go play with her ball, but I’ll take the peace I can get from her.

Mom, why did you let me play so hard yesterday?

I’ve done a lot of reading this week, which has been lovely, and I’ve also gotten my first freelancing contract on UpWork. The platform is… a lot of scams as far as I can tell, but there are some intersting gigs on there and a girl needs an income, so here we are. I can tell that my brain has gotten really used to my part time gig, because even tacking on an extra hour of time sitting at the computer working on this project each day has me feeling exhausted.

Enjoying some sunshine together

This weekend, a bit of outdoor yoga and some quiet time as my husband runs around town with a friend from college who’s coming to visit.

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That’s it for Azula and me for this week! Hope you had a decent week and a good weekend ahead!