Book Mail Monday 8/29/2022

Happy Monday, book friends! Orientation is over and the first day of the fall 2022 semester is here!

Also here? A shiny new book I completely forgot I ordered until it showed up.

That book is The Way Back Almanac, which I bought on a whim after coming across it on the internet somewhere. It was preorder so enough time passed between the impulse buy and its arrival that I had no idea what was in the box on the porch when it came.

I’ve only ever had a vague understanding of what an almanac actually is, but knowing it is a guide to the different seasonal happenings throughout a specific year was enough to make me want to snag a copy.

I’m excited to pick this up month to month in 2023 to learn what’s going on in nature from the soil to the stars.

That’s it for me today! Any new books in your life this week?


Book Mail Monday 8/8/2022

Happy Monday, book friends! T minus 3 weeks and 2 days until our incoming class moves in to their residence halls and the Fall 2022 semester begins. I don’t think I’ll ever feel ready for the first orientation I’ve taken the lead in planning, but it’s coming regardless!

In anticipation of the parts of Fall that will not be overwhelming work things, I ordered a few of the books I’m planning to read for Witchtober this year. They arrived on Saturday, quickly followed by Kerry Winfrey’s latest, Just Another Love Song.

That means it’s time for another book mail Monday!

The Witchtober books I picked out were…

Last year’s October reads featured both Harper and Griffin’s previous books, so this year feels like a direct sequel in some ways. The Heartbreak Bakery has been on my list for a while now, so I’m excited to finally pick it up. I do want to add a few more witchy reads to my October TBR but I haven’t decided which ones yet. If you’ve got recs, let me have them!

Just Another Love Song is the first Winfrey I haven’t preordered in quite some time, which I realized only when I saw people wishing it a happy book birthday. I’ll be honest, I don’t care for second chance romances or country music, so I was a bit disappointed when she announced this one. As if it’s her job to write books that are directly in the center of my wheelhouse every time. I’m going to give it a go anyway since she’s one of my favorite writers, but we’ll see if a single father, country singer love interest named Hank can win me over. I am dubious.

That’s it for this week’s book mail! Have you grabbed any exciting new books recently?