New Year, New Book Goals 

Happy New Year, book friends! I spoke a bit about my bookish goals for the year in my year-end stats review post and in my post for the “This Time Next Year” tag. I love the New Year vibes and hearing about everyone’s goals, so I’d like to revisit them here and go into a bit more detail. After all, I do enjoy asking the internet to hold me accountable for things! 

Though I’ve moved away from the tradition of setting “resolutions” at the New Year, I do like to roll into January with a few goals and intentions. For me, goals are quantifiable checkmark items, whereas intentions are more nebulous i.e. “run a 5K” vs. “run more regularly.” 

Book-wise, I have a few standard goals I aim for each year, and like to add in a sprinkle of something different each year as well. So, let’s take a look at what 2022 will bring to my reading life! 

Goodreads Goal: 100 Books

The Goodreads challenge is a bit of a controversy in the book world, for a variety of reasons. One being that Amazon bought Goodreads a while back, spurring some readers to divest. Another is that it can have a sort of “quantity over quality” vibe that some readers, fairly enough, don’t approve. 

For me, the goal is a baseline cheerleader in the background. I don’t beat myself up for reading slumps or pursuing other hobbies, and if I don’t hit the goal, I don’t hit the goal. But having one and watching each book I read chip away at it is a fun part of the reading year for me, so I personally still set a Goodreads goal. 

I’ll end 2021 at around 80 books read, and that’s with a slow start to the reading year. If I maintain my current pace, I think that my updated goal of 100 books should be pretty easily achievable. But, we’ll see what the year brings! I am getting married in April, after all! 

Read Harder Challenge

Each year, Book Riot releases a list of challenge tasks with the aim of more diverse reading. And each year, I cherrypick this challenge as a way of expanding my reading horizons. Frankly, there are always one or two tasks I simply have zero interest in completing, and I don’t believe in wasting my reading time simply to check a box. 

Since I started expanding my reading in this way, I’ve encountered a lot of great books I wouldn’t have read otherwise. For instance, this year I read There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job for the “book in translation” task, and it ended up being one of my favorite reads of the year! 

I’m excited to say I’ve already picked a few books for 2022’s challenge tasks, including “romance with a protagonist over 40” (How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days) and “biography of an author you admire” (Jane Austen: A Life). I’m also quite confident I will not be reading a political thriller or a horror novel, so it looks like another year of not fully completing the challenge tasks. Par for the course, that. 

Read 5 Self-Care/Spiritual Books

I’m going to secretly aim for one per month, but realistically hope to get to at least five self-care and spiritual titles this year.

First up: The Witch’s Book of Self-Care this month, then a buddy read of Women Who Run with the Wolves in February!

Start a Little Free Library

Now that I’m living in a house for the foreseeable future, I’ve set my sights on installing a Little Free Library. 

Since I leveled up to the salaried work life, I have a tendency to acquire a lot of books that I don’t end up loving enough to hang onto. Rather than schlepping out to Half Price Books for a few pennies, I like the idea of sharing the books with my neighborhood. So, I snagged a build kit and plan to craft the IRL version of Your Book Friend in 2022. I’ve got some reading up to do on being a good LFL steward, but I can’t wait to dig in. 

Make a Dent in the BOTM Stack of Shame

Even though I’m generous with the “skip this month” button on Book of the Month, I still manage to acquire books that sound great at the time, but which I don’t read upon arrival. Last year I started off by reading through some of this backlog, and ended up really enjoying some of the books I finally got around to (A Woman is No Man was phenomenal). 

This year, I’m doing it again and participating in Bookish Bingo on Instagram, wherein we’ll all read through our Book of the Month backlog in January. I’m trying to be less precious about my collection and plan to pass along any books I don’t read by the end of the year. Book of the Month edition or not, my bookshelves need a bit of a cleanup this year. 

Keep Up Your Book Friend

Since I returned to book blogging, I’ve found such a wonderful community of fellow readers. I really enjoy writing about books on the internet and connecting with my online book friends, and it’s something I want to continue in 2022. I won’t set specific follower or post numbers goals, but I do want to keep up with consistent posts throughout 2022.

Thanks for being along for the ride with me — you make it so much better!

That’s All, Friends

Five goals/intentions feels like a solid list for the reading year, I think! I’m also trying my hand at a physical book journal, but that’s more experiment than goal, so we’ll see how it goes.

As we head into the new year, I hope you are well and hanging in there! If you’re setting any goals (reading or otherwise) I’d love to hear about them. And if your goal is just to get through another year of… all the things, that’s perfectly okay, too. 

Happy New Year, book friends! Here’s to more books and reading in 2022. 


Bookish Goals and Beyond (This Time Next Year Tag)

Image created by the author in Canva

Hello, book friends! This post is going to be a little something different because I’m participating in a blog tag for what may well be the first time. After seeing the This Time Next Year tag on Mind, Beauty, Simplicity , I knew I had to take part. I’m not great with actually tagging people because my social anxiety has big “how dare you bother anyone by tagging them in things” energy, so if you see this and you want to do a post, consider yourself tagged!

From what I can tell, this tag has the following rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you (Thanks, Mind, Beauty, Simplicity!)
  • Write about your goals for next year
  • Write how you’ll achieve the goals
  • Tag 5 blogging friends (see above note re: social anxiety and tag yourself if you’re interested!)
  • In 365 days, write a follow-up to share how you did

If you don’t know this about me and my Virgo moon, we love a good plan almost as much as my Pisces sun likes getting distracted and abandoning them midway through. The New Year season is one of my favorite times of year because I love hearing other people’s goals and hopes and plans, and setting my own. So, let’s look at a few bookish and non-bookish goals for my year ahead!

Goodreads Challenge: 80 Books

Last year I set my goal at 60 books, then got back into book blogging, made a Bookstagram, and blazed right on past that goal. I’m on track to hit 75 books by the end of 2021, and so I’m eyeing a similar goal next year. I think reading is more quality than quantity, but I do like to set a numbers goal to keep myself motivated and give me something to work towards throughout the year. I love seeing my progress bar go up each time I finish a book!

I’ll achieve this goal by, um… reading books? Audiobooks really help keep me on track because I tend to keep listening to them even when I’m otherwise in a slump, so they’re kind of my secret weapon. I’ve also got some 2022 ARCs lined up that will keep me motivated so I can maintain a good NetGalley response ratio.

Read Harder 2022

Cherrypicking Book Riot‘s Read Harder challenge has become an annual tradition for me. I love that the prompts inspire me to read books I normally wouldn’t, but there are also some things I just know I’m not interested in. And I don’t believe in wasting my book time. So, I have never fully completed the challenge but it has enriched my reading life in so many ways!

Here’s the 2022 list from Book Riot. I look forward to periodically consulting this list throughout 2022 to help me choose a few books outside my box, and to quickly realizing there’s a handful of tasks I just will not complete.

Read at Least 5 Spiritual / Self Care Books in 2022

I have a shelf in my home office/yoga room/guest room that is filled to the brim with various spiritual, yoga /witchy / general self-care books I’ve gathered over the years. I have not, however, read nearly as many of them as I would like.

Initially I wanted to set the goal of reading one self-help type book per month, but I worry that’s setting me up for failure because realistically there are some months where I only read one or two books, and it’s unlikely those will be enriching nonfictional types. So, I think reading at least 5 of these bad boys in 2022 is a realistic goal to set. I’m hoping to get to..

  • Yoke by Jessamyn Stanley
  • The Tarot Inspired Life by TK
  • Set Boundaries, Find Peace by TK
  • Happier Now by Nataly Kogan (I have started and abandoned this one many times)
  • Your Spiritual Almanac: A Year of Living Mindfully by Joey Hulin (I read this for the latter half of 2021 but am very excited to start fresh with January and read throughout the year)

I’ll do this by setting out to read one of these titles every month for the first couple months of the year and see where this gets me. Then, I’ll reassess and kick back into high gear if I haven’t met my 5 book goal by May. Realistically, I might not, seeing as how I’m also planning a wedding for April 30th, so I’ll be cutting myself some slack, reading-wise.

Complete My Annual 30 Days of Yoga in January

I’m one of those Yoga with Adriene people, and have been for over ten years. Since 2015, the first year of the annual 30 Days of Yoga journey, I’ve rolled out my mat once a day, every day for the month of January, following along the free 30 days of yoga that Adriene and her Find What Feels Good team compile.

This year’s theme is MOVE and I am excited to say that sign-ups are now available as of this week. I don’t know what this says about me, but I anticipate sign up day like its own holiday and can’t wait to enter my email (you have to sign up for the journey even if you’re a regular subscriber because there’s a dedicated email to go along with each day’s video).

I adore this daily practice to start my year and it’s the first goal I set and (usually) complete for a new year. If you want to take the journey with us and join the best cultish community around, you can do so here. It’s free and this isn’t an ad–I just love this annual journey so much I can’t help but share.

I’ll let my excitement and the Kula community support me on this goal, and may do a daily or weekly blogging check-in, as well. To be determined, since it doesn’t really fit my bookish niche but would be a fun project.

Keep Writing / Blogging Consistently

This is more of an intention than a goal since it isn’t specific, measurable, and so on. But, I intend to keep myself writing–on this blog, on Medium, and in the Google Doc that is my memoir manuscript. 2021 was a wonderful writing year for me, and I have felt so much more in alignment with my identity (and education) as a writer since I started penning my thoughts more regularly again.

I’d like to have a finished manuscript draft of the memoir by the end of 2022 so I can make a 2023 goal of querying agents, etc. Apparently book deals don’t just come find you because you have an MFA and an idea for a book. Who knew?

So, I’m going to keep writing and blogging and reading next year, in whatever specific form that takes. If you didn’t know that I make words about non-book things, you can find my catalog of Medium articles about pop culture, mental health, chronic illness, and more on my profile page, here.

Use My Planner(s) All Year

I have a real thing for planners. Since my AmeriCorps days when our cohort received a donation of them, I’ve been a Passion Planner user. I like the setup and vibe of constant self-improvement that they come along with, and don’t even get me started on all the phenomenal planner stickers you can buy on Esty (my go to is Chelsea Brown Designs).

This year, I grabbed a second planner specifically for my self-care and spiritual practices that I’m hoping will be kind of like a journal but without being a journal that I will undoubtedly abandon a few months into the year, because planner. My goal in 2022 is to consistently use my day-to-day planner to keep on top of work and life events (appointments, bills, the upcoming return of student loan payments) and use the Moon Goddess planner for tracking my moods, symptoms, and other self-care aspects of the year. I’ve got both planners and a few month’s worth of stickers all lined up and ready to go, so now I just have to look forward to using them!

Be Intentional About Cultivating New Local Friendships

This goal is more bookish than it seems on the surface because my hashtag friendship goals include gathering once a month with wine and charcuterie to talk about books. But, in all seriousness, it’s hard to make friends as an adult and many of my local friends moved away once we completed our graduate program. I am so thankful to have a core group of wonderful, nerdy humans who I see at least a few times a month thanks to our ongoing Pathfinder campaign (that’s Dungeons & Dragons but for nerds who are also hipsters), and to have been adopted by Andy’s friendgroup as well.

However, though I am indeed a massive nerd who loves writing and TTRPGs, I am also a basic bitch who wants to drink wine and do facemasks and go to brunch after yoga. Which is not something that I currently get out of my current local friend group.

I don’t think “make friends” in itself is a realistic goal because you can’t control the behaviors of others and also I believe extroverts are all secretly wizards equipped with magical powers I do not possess. But what I can do is try to put myself into places where I’m likely to meet humans with the mutual interests I want to cultivate friendships around. Going to the yoga studio or local events on occasion, as well as actually meeting up with some women from Bumble BFF, are a few ways I’m going to try and work towards a more robust group of female friends who live near me in 2022. I think trying to get out for one of these activities once a month (so long as we can, in fact, continue to socialize in person safely) is a good goal, so I’m going to go for it.

Well, that became a longer list than I expected pretty quickly, so I’ll stop myself there. Looks like I’m bringing a good number of goals and intentions to bring with me into 2022.

I tend to spend most of December reflecting and planning for my yearly intentions, so I’m quite confident I’ll adjust or add things as I approach January and make my annual vision board, but most of these are yearly staples I like to keep up with, so I’m confident speaking them out into the world and hopefully manifesting those realities.

Now, I’m curious. Do you set goals, intentions, or resolutions for the new year? If so, I’d love to hear about them!