Self-Care Sunday, Book Edition

Bookish ways to relax before the start of a new week

In an ideal world, I would always have exactly zero plans on Sunday. The day would be for relaxing, reading, laundry, and meal prep to ensure my week gets off to a good start.

In reality, that’s rarely the case, as life has a way of creeping into the nooks and crannies of those two days “off” a week. 

Still, I try to find time for a little self-care every Sunday as a final reset before the start of another work week at my 9–5. 

As a book nerd and reader, it’s no surprise that some of these self-care rituals involve a good book. Here are a few of the ways I bring books into my self-care routine. 

(Full disclosure: links to specific books are affiliate links, which earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you, should you choose to purchase. Book of the Month links are referral links that earn you a discount and me a free book). 

Reading in the Bath

As soon as the temperatures drop below the mid-80s, I am back to my Sunday ritual of taking a weekly bath, complete with bath salts.

The main goal is to soothe my muscles, tired from the week of running, but the added benefit is that it becomes dedicated reading time without interruptions from my fiancé or the pup. 

A few years ago, my mom bought me a book and snack holder that hooks on to the top of the bathtub, which has been a huge level-up in my bathtime routine. 

Now, my book of choice (or my water-resistant Kindle) has its own resting place when I’m ready to sink into the bath. And so does my beverage of choice, be it a rum and coke, a Truly lemonade, or a good old-fashioned glass of water because I need to stay hydrated after a run or risk a killer headache. 

Reading in the bath feels like the ultimate way to relax and reset after a long week and is definitely my top go-to for self-care. 

Reading Retreat

On rare weekends when I’ve got the time, I like to get away to a cabin in the woods somewhere (like this weekend, as I write this from Andy’s parents’ cabin). The thing I look forward to the most is deciding which book — okay, let’s be realistic, books — I’m going to bring. 

Even though I’ll likely read one book, at most, in a given weekend away, there’s something satisfying about packing up my current read and other hopefuls for the journey ahead. When I’m away from home and surrounded by trees, suddenly reading is all I want to do, and I sink into books with ease. 

This weekend, it’s Erin Sterling’s The Ex Hex riding in the coveted book pocket of my Book of the Month tote, with my fully-loaded Kindle waiting in the wings. While I’ll spend some of the weekend walking in the woods taking in the fall colors, you best believe I’ll get in some quality reading time, too. 

Meal Prep (And Laundry) with Audiobooks

Even the less glamorous self-care comes with reading time if I plan it right.

When I spend my Sunday evening on meal prep, cleaning, and other chores, I like to do so with an audiobook soundtrack. That way, I can read even while I’m using my hands to chop onions or fold laundry or pretend I have any ability to effectively clean a bathroom sink. 

This Sunday, I’ll be wrapping up Amanda Montell’s Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism, which has been a fascinating read about how language serves a key role in conditioning cult mentality from Crossfit to MLMs to Jamestown. 

I’m 91% of the way through, so I’ll likely also begin my first-ever audio ARC of Love, Chai, and Other Four Letter Words. Thanks to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for the opportunity to test drive the audio for this book, which has been on my list for a while!

And so, self-care Sunday gets the bookish treatment. 

I hope this Sunday finds you well and as rested as you’re able to be, as I know not everyone has a M-F work schedule like I do. Whether it’s a rest day, a prep day, or a work day, may you get in some quality reading time where you can. 

Do you have any go-to bookish ways to relax and recharge? I’d love to hear what else I can add to my list!

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