Furbaby Friday 11/11/2022

It is Friday at last, book friends! This week has been a long one for me, and I am feeling very ready to settle in to another weekend with no major plans.

On Monday, my in-laws came over for dinner, so Azula got an extra special walk with her Pittsburgh grandma and grandpa afterwards. Tuesday night was a Great British Bake Off double feature as we caught up on the last two weeks’ episodes. I’m pleased to say I do still have a single team member left in the game as we head into the semifinals.

Thursday, I worked from home and got those extra puppy cuddles. Andy and I both had books in at our local library branch as well, so we took a nice walk to get them. Azula was very excited to get another walk so much earlier in the day than usual, and very not happy when her dad went into the library without us to grab the books.

“Why is Dad in there?”

Reading wise, I’ve made some minor progress in The No-Show but mostly have been too busy for very much reading in the evenings. I’m planning to settle in and finish it over the weekend while I attend to other life maintance like laundry and meal prep, per usual.

Speaking of meal prep, the books I got from the library are cookbooks! I always forget that I could check books out to see if they actually have recipes I’m interested in before I make the committment of buying them. I love our cookbook collection, but we don’t use as many recipes out of some of them as I’d like to. I got a couple of plant-based books to investigate, since we usually only eat meat about once a week and many of our current books have entire chapters for chicken, beef, and fish. After some light Googling, I landed on Love & Lemons and Oh She Glows: For Dinner as my first ones to test. We’ll see what we end up making and whether either of these is a winner after I get the grocery list toether!

Another peaceful(ish) weekend awaits! It’s going to be a cold one so I’m sure plenty of time under the blanket with a book will be necessary.

I hope you’ve had a good week and that you’ve got a great weekend ahead. Let me know if you’ve got recommendations for any good cookbooks with a lot of meatless recipes (bonus points if they’re also light on cheese, since my husband doesn’t eat it).

Furbaby Friday 10/28/22

Happy Friday, book friends! Azula and I got some extra cuddle time this week because I wound up staying home sick on Wednesday and working from home on Thursday.

None of my chronic conditions appreciate travel, and this past month seems to have caught up to me. Truly, I can’t remember the last time I had this bad of an IBS flare up, unless you count the entire time I studied abroad in college. I still feel a bit off, but not so much that I can’t enjoy some Halloween celebrations this weekend.

I finally got some reading done over the past few days as a result of being at home more, which means I finished my first witchy read! My review of From Bad to Cursed went up yesterday, ICYMI.

Tonight, I’m going to a 21+ night at the Carnegie Science Center. It’s Heroes & Villains themed so naturally I had to snag a costume that’s been both. More on that once I have photos!

I’m looking forward to a weekend at home, even if we do have a busy weekend of Halloween fun ahead. If all goes to plan, I’m going to finish The Kiss Curse and A Spindle Splintered this weekend.

Hope you’ve had a good week, and have a fun weekend ahead!