What We’re Reading Wednesday, August 17th

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Hello and welcome to another What We’re Reading Wednesday, book friends! Or as we call it in higher ed, “holy sh*t the students move in one week from today” day. 

Much of my energy this week has gone into supporting our student leader training and checking off final details to prepare for new student orientation. I can hardly believe the semester starts in two short weeks, and yet, August 29th is not that far away. 

As if my brain knows the time wherein I’ll be sitting down with a book in hand is about to shrink, I’m feeling back in an audiobook mood lately. That’s not to say I haven’t gotten a little bit of physical reading in, too. I definitely have. Let’s dig in to this week’s reading updates. 

(Full disclosure: Book titles marked with an asterisk were recieved as advanced review copies in exchange for my honest opinion. This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links).

Recent Reads 

Speaking of audiobooks, I finished Katherine Center’s The Bodyguard* late last week. It’s one of those books I’m incredibly glad I read on audio because the narration was phenomenal. I even cranked out a review of this one, bringing my NetGalley feedback ratio all the way up to 70%. You can check out said review here: “The Bodyguard” Caught Me By Surprise

Current Reads

I’m still making my way through Shadow Work*, and it continues to be an interesting read that I’m enjoying spending my mornings with. 

After finishing up The Bodyguard*, I started Cameron Esposito’s memoir, Save Yourself*. I found out about this book when a publisher emailed me to ask if I was interested in a review copy to celebrate the book’s paperback release. I hadn’t actually heard of Esposito before (I haven’t heard of most comics), but a quick glance of the synopsis told me I sure was interested. 

Cover image courtesy of Bookshop.org

And I was going to read this one in print. The cover is fantastic and your girl loves a nice paperback. But then I heard Esposito give an interview on a podcast, and I knew I wanted to hear her read her memoir out loud. So I bought the audiobook, which I’m listening to now and thoroughly enjoying.

I’m still working through A Lady for a Duke as well. It’s a bit slow and I can sense there’s going to be some repetitiveness to the tension, but it is an ejoyable read overall. 

Up Next & On to You

My audiobook queue has become quite impressive and because I’ll be spending more time at work, I’m thinking a lot about the reading I’ll do on my commute. I have Julia Wheelan’s Thank You for Listening in the prime spot for next audio read as I’ve heard it’s a great listen. 

What about you, book friends? What have you been reading lately? Is there anything I should add to my “definitely do it on audio” list? 

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Furbaby Friday: Azula’s Week In Reading 5/27/22

Happiest of Fridays, book friends! I have today off because my workplace gave us an extra day off for the Memorial Day holiday. Naturally this means I’m in an extra good mood!

Or as good a mood as I can be while processing yet another mass shooting here in the States. I don’t talk about these things on the blog, but I do think about them and try to take action for change IRL. Here in the internet world, I generally try to keep it light because sometimes you need to take a minute and just think about something good. Like books and adorable snuggle pups, for instance.

Azula and I hard at work this morning

In my personal life, it’s been a pleasantly busy week, which always leaves me feeling accomplished. I got through the first week of my course about supporting transfer students and checked off a number of items on my to do list.

Did I also get stuck in horrible traffic and spend over an hour trying to get home from work on Wednesday? Yup. On the bright side I now know that my car does have a low fuel light. I’ve just never seen it because I have anxiety and refill the tank long before it ever comes on. Except when my commute randomly lasts over an hour when it should be 25 minutes.

As for Azula, she’s had a pretty good week overall. She only had to be home alone during one workday, and all of her friends came over to throw the ball for her! (We hosted our weekly Dungeons & Dragons session on Wednesday, so folks were around the table and subject to Azula thrusting her ball into their laps.)

Yesterday, she got to go to the park for big ball fetchies and she got three walks. Then, she got to snuggle with me while I read Lessons in Chemistry, which features a very smart dog that I’m only constantly stressed about because I’m scared something bad will happen to him. Like Six-Thirty (the dog in the book), Azula has many important jobs to do, including licking my hand when I’m reading, as she did when we transitioned up to the bed last night.

Very important hand kisses

Azula doesn’t know about the holiday weekend yet but she’s about to get four days of extra walkies and attention. And I’m going to get lots of reading done, plus continue cleaning up around the house.

I hope you’ve had a great week, book friends, and a great weekend ahead!