Furbaby Friday 3/17/2023

Happy Friday and a happy Saint Patrick’s Day, book friends! Today also happens to be my birthday, and my mom is coming into town to spend a few days with me to celebrate.

This week has been pretty chill, all things considered. I got some reading done, took a lot of walks, and sent off a couple of pitches. Even though Daylight Savings isn’t my favorite as an early riser, we did get to take advantage of having more light after work and go for an evening walk around the lake that’s nearby.

Azula loves getting visits from her grandma, so I’m excited to see her realize that grandma is here this afternoon. I’m also excited to show her the house and spend some time going shopping in the local area for the first time! Will I wind up with more books? Perhaps.

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got to say about this week, so let’s dive in to the weekly post recap! But first, please enjoy this adorable photo in which Azula decided to lick my books while I was trying to get a Two for Tuesday post for Instagram:

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This week on the blog…

That’s all for this week, book friends! I hope you have a great weekend ahead!


Furbaby Friday 2/24/2023

Happy Friday, book friends! It’s been a week of settling in to the new house, unpacking, and letting Azula explore her outdoor and indoor spaces. She seems to be settling in pretty well, and we even saw some deer in the yard this morning.

Monday was a bit of a stressful day for our pup, because we had a man come in to install a radon filtering system in the basement. He was here, hammering away, for about four hours, which she did not appreciate. Then, right after he left, our fridge was delivered by more strange men coming into her house. In the evening, Andy and I made salmon and asparagus for dinner and learned that our smoke detectors work and are linked. Poor Azula didn’t like hearing all of them go off at once while we struggled to find them and turn them off.

It’s been smoother sailing since Monday, though. Most of our boxes are unpacked and all my books are on the shelves again, which really makes a house feel like a home in my opinion. Azula has been enjoying all of her window access, which is a massive increase over the old house.

You can tell she’s still a bit uncertain in this photo from earlier in the week
Here, she’s settling in a bit more and enjoying her window bench

Reading-wise, I’m finally settling back into a routine with my mornings and evenings. It’s nice to have time and energy to read again after all the stress of the move.

The weekend should bring us more time to explore the local area and hopefully introduce Azula to her new dog park. After last weekend was more or less all moving and unpacking, I’m definitely excited for a few days of relaxing.

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This week on the blog…

That’s it for Azula and I for this week! I hope you had a good week and that you’ve got a great weekend ahead!