What We’re Reading Wednesday, May 31st

Happy last Wednesday of May, book friends! It’s really feeling like summer this week in PA, with higher temps and a higher rate of my allergies making me absolutely miserable. My reading outside days are a bit on pause since the air is attacking me, but I’m enjoying watching the outside world through my windows nevertheless.

I got a good bit of reading done last week, which means a fun post with some updates this week!

Recent Reads

I finished The Adventures of Amina Al-Sarafi, which was a grand adventure of a book. I can’t remember the last time I read something that clocked in at over 400 pages, and the latter bits of this one just flew by. My review went up earlier this week, if you’re interested. This is going to be a series, which I’m very excited about.

After that, I made my way through Nina Kaye’s upcoming romance release, Just Like That*. I’m scheduled on the book tour for this one, so check back for my review on June 8th.

Current Reads

Still on a “catch up with my ARCs” kick, I grabbed Cecilia Rabess’ Everything’s Fine* from my shelves next. This follows a Black woman who gets a job at Goldman Sachs, only to realize her old college nemesis, Josh, works there as well. The two strike up an unlikely friendship that hints at maybe something more, but in the background the 2016 election is a stark reminder about their different world views and life experiences.

I’ll admit that this synopsis had me a little nervous, because it seems like it could either lead to an amazing or a truly agonizing read. But as soon as I cracked this one open, the writing style just sucked me in and has me in its grasp. I expect I’ll fly right through this one.

In nonfiction land, same old same old with Modern Tarot and Women Without Kids. I’m enjoying them both but also savoring them.

Up Next & On to You

I’ll be caught up to the most urgent ARCs after this latest read, so may take a pause and grab something else from my TBR shelf. Then again, lots of goodies await on NetGalley, so maybe not. Guess we’ll see what mood I’m in!

What about you, book friends? What have you been reading, and how are you liking it?


What We’re Reading Wednesday, May 24th

Happiest of Wednesdays, book friends! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and I just got done doing yoga on my porch, so I’m in a pretty good mood!

I’ve got two longer books going right now and am making slow progress as a result, but I’m enjoying them, which is what matters. My Goodreads challenge has been alternating between “on track” and “one book behind” for about a month, which is honestly not that bad given we’re nearly halfway through the year.

Recent Reads

I haven’t finished any new books since last week, though I have completed several more quests in Skyrim. So, there’s that.

Current Reads

In the mornings, I read one chapter from Modern Tarot, then a bit from Women Without Kids. I’m making decent progress on both and am enjoying them immensely. I’m honestly a bit surprised at how emotional the experience of reading Women Without Kids has been so far. I knew the book would resonate, but I wasn’t prepared for just how deeply.

My fiction read of the moment is still The Adventures of Amina Al-Sarafi. I’m enjoying it and I like the writing style, but it is a bit dense and therefore taking me some time to get through. I’m about at the halfway point.

Up Next & On to You

I will likely have to get back to ARCs before I finish Amina beacuse I’ve got some book tour deadlines coming up, so I foresee a lot of book juggling in my near future. With the holiday weekend here in the States for Memorial Day, I’m hoping to dig into some quality reading.

We’re hosting some folks at the farm for a cookout, but since it’s my house and I get overwhelmed by large groups, I may sit outside with a book for some of the festivities anyway. Such a rebel, I know.

That’s it for me this week. What have you been reading lately, book friends?