What We’re Reading Wednesday, May 3rd

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Happy Wednesday, book friends! The nonstop rainy weather continues here in PA, and it’s making me feel a bit on the sleepy and lazy side. I love a good rainy day, but even my Pisces soul could use some sunshine after this much rain. 

I’d like to say I’m using the rainy weather to get a ton of reading done, but… I’m in another Skyrim phase, so I’ve done a lot of roaming around the virtual world instead. I thought I’d about exhausted the available quests, but then I started finding a ton I hadn’t done, mainly because I was trying to be somewhat good-aligned in the game. Once I abandoned that, things got… interesting.

But I digress. This isn’t a Skyrim updates column, it’s a book column. So, let’s dig in to the reading updates from the past week, shall we? 

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Recent Reads

I wrapped up Games and Rituals: Stories, which was every bit as lovely as I expected it to be. My mini-review went up earlier this week, if you’re interested.

Current Reads

I picked up Sarah Penner’s The London Seance Society. The reviews for this one have been super mixed, and I definitely feel like I understand why. I’m enjoying the mystery and the intrigue, but the choice to have one POV in first person and the other in close third isn’t making much sense to me yet. It just feels a bit weird having to mentally shift gears every chapter or so. Still, I want to see where things are going, so onwards I read!

I am so close to finishing Anti-Diet, at last. I have learned a lot from this read but, like other anti diet culture books I’ve read, it doesn’t fully feel like it’s delivered on the promise of giving me actionable tips to break free from diet culture. Plenty of good reasons why one should want to do that and about why diets don’t work, but not so much in terms of how to swim against the stream, as the author puts it.

Up Next & On to You

I’ve got a good number of ARCs for June, and since it is rudely already May, I’ll definitely be digging into those here soon so I can get my reviews out at a reasonable time. Hopefully. 

What about you, book friends? Tell me all about what you’re reading and how you’re liking it!


What We’re Reading Wednesday, April 19th

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Happy Wednesday, book friends! I’m still feeling grumpy about the return of cold weather, but I can’t complain too much. You see, yesterday was a big day in our household. 

Back in August, my old car broke down in the middle of the Liberty Tunnel. It was kind of an ordeal, and we ultimately opted not to fix it because of the cost of repairs. We ordered a Chevy Bolt EV, and then, we waited. Yesterday, at long last, we were able to go pick it up from the dealership! 

We’ve been sharing one car for six months, which wasn’t too bad when we lived in the city, but is tougher to manage out in a rural area. It’s very first world problems, but I’m quite excited to be able to leave the house even when my husband is at work. 

Oh, and the new car has a very fancy bluetooth system which means audiobooks for days! My old car was a 2002 so it had a CD player and I could only listen to audiobooks by cranking up the volume and putting my phone in the cup holder. 

She looks white in the photo but she’s ice blue, I promise

Anyway, that’s enough in the personal life update department. I know you’re all really here for the bookish stuff, so let’s dig in. 

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links)

Recent Reads

I haven’t finished any new books since last week. 

Current Reads

I’m a little over halfway into both of my current reads. 

Anti-Diet is proving to be really interesting. A lot of the beginning is familiar information to me now, but it digs a little deeper into some issues than other books I’ve read, which is nice. I’m looking forward to the more prescriptive chapters, which should be coming soon. 

I am mildly obsessed with Her Majesty’s Royal Coven. It’s just so good! But it is also stressful with all the portents of doom, and one character is just so clearly doing that thing I hate (causing a prophecy to come true by trying to prevent the prophecy from coming true, sigh). 

Up Next & On to You

I think I’ll be doing Women Without Kids or maybe What’s Eating Us* next for my morning nonfiction reading. As for fiction, I’ll likely go on to The London Seance Society once I finish HMRC. It’s rare that I have this much of a sense of what I want to read next, but so it goes. 

What about you, book friends? What have you been reading, and how is it treating you?